Ryan Christopher (b.1998) Coventry, UK

Christopher's practice explores the poetics of cultivation, ellipsis and relation. Imbued with a bond to the peripheral and the hidden, the work communes with emancipatory thought.

He works within the confluence of Diasporic collectivities and poetic knowledge, an ecosystem of creolisation, communion and perpetual renewal - where Western models of subjectivity are dismantled, and 'libido dominandi’ (a desire to dominate) is ruptured through intangible complexity, otherness, unknowns and the unseen. 


We are given fragments; bodies and systems extended in relation, peripheries made central, images dense with the inconspicuous and the irrational, the obscure and the ordinary. It is work that identifies with empathy, penitence and grace.


Through a poetic sensibility, we are taken through Gardens of thoughts and people - where the constraints of language and visibility are eluded. 

Ideas materialise through sculpture, moving image, painting, drawing and social engagement - each process utilised as a vessel, unfired and malleable. Frequently informed by 'the Body of Christ'Horticulture, Theological Anthropology, Antillean literature and reflective film.