Ryan Christopher (b.1998) Coventry, UK

Christopher's practice explores the poetics of time, resistance and relation. Imbued with a bond to the peripheral/hidden, the work considers new formations of Creole aesthetics and emancipatory thought.

He works within the confluence of Diasporic collectivities and poetic knowledge, ecosystems of care, exchange, and mutual edification. Spaces where reverent co-existence with complexity, otherness, unknowns and the unseen can subvert modes of oppressive domination, and neoliberal economies of knowledge.

Through an agroecological framework, sanctuary and relations materialise within the object and the image. 

Emancipatory thought is carried through poetics; a consciousness that ruptures the order, hierarchy and reductionism of Western Ideology, firmly reclaiming a childlike sensibility. 


In the work, gestures are often subtle; gestures of placement, observation and listening. The finite is placed with the infinite, and the material with the immaterial. 

Multiple bodies carry narratives of baptism, solace, liminality and communion. We are given fragments; bodies deconstructed and extended in relation, peripheries made central, images dense with the inconspicuous and the irrational. It is work that identifies with life and living systems, precariously oscillating between allegory and absurdity.

Thoughts are realised through sculpture, moving image, painting, drawing and social engagement - each process utilised as a vessel, unfired and malleable. Frequently informed by reflective film, Antillean literature, Anthropology and his Trinidadian-Sri Lankan heritage. A practice of Diasporic resistance and poesis.