Ryan Christopher (b.1998) Coventry, UK

Christopher's practice explores the poetics of time, resistance and relation. Imbued with a bond to the peripheral/hidden, the work considers new conceptions of emancipation and Créolité. Ways of deconstructing cultural assumptions, breathing, unraveling, breaking bread - exercises of life and reduction that catalyse poetic revelations. Reducing, to speak about complexity. 

His practice is also informed by experiences of looking, where empathy is co-existent with the image. Non-performative gestures that impart form to a wordless, poetic knowledge. 

He is interested in an economy of gesture. Culturally weighted objects, sounds and images holding transhistorical narratives of solace and awakening. 

Work that identifies itself with life. 

The relationships between language, opacity, faith and land are of constant interest, examined with an acute sensitivity to material processes and form. 

Christopher works primarily with sculpture, video, painting, drawing, collage and social engagement.